Operations:            Generation / Wholesale

Employees:             ~ 45

Generation Facilities:

Total: 1,427 MW

Listing by Fuel Type:

Gas: 2 facilities @ 1,427 (MW net capacity)


Competitive Retail Website:

Key Third Party Organizations

  • New England Power Generators Association (NEPGA)
  • Connecticut Power and Energy Society
  • Stop the Millstone Payout

Vistra Assets in State

Facilities Map (click to enlarge):
Facilities Detail:
Asset Name Location Fuel MW HD SD CD Market
Lake Road Dayville Gas (CCGT) 827 51 29 2 ISO-NE
Milford Milford Gas (CCGT) 600 118 14 2 ISO-NE

Market Overview

Connecticut is a part of ISO-New England (ISO-NE) along with Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire. ISO-NE acts as the system operator for the region, managing the various wholesale, ancillary and capacity markets. Retail competition exists in Connecticut and is managed at a state level.


  • ISO New England (ISO-NE)

Competition Enabler & Key Statute(s):

  • Legislative – Electric competition was enabled by PA 98-28, which was passed in May 1992.
  • Statute(s) – 220 ILCS 5 Public Utilities Act.

Utility Territories with Retail Competition:

  • United Illuminating
  • Eversource Energy

Retail Competition Background:

  • The competitive system has a price cap to ensure consumers’ rates won’t “skyrocket” due to increasing gas prices. All energy suppliers (CT’s version of REPs) are required to provide a portion of their power from renewable sources.
  • Retail rates (note rates do not include delivery charges):
  • Average: 11.6 cents / kWh (average of 41 different fixed rate, 12 month offers)
  • Min: 8.00 cents / kWh (Ambit Energy, 22.5% renewable, 12-month term)
  • Max: 14.35 cents / kWh (Liberty Power 100% renewable plan, 12-month term)
  • Utility Offers (2017)